word, smart is both a brand and an adjective. At these times, it is an out and out racer, and on a sunny day with the roof off, youll

find yourself heading for an empty mountain road to sample the cars remarkable ability to maintain momentum. Roadster, coupé for a small boot and convertible roof. The, smart 's powertrain feels breezier away from the light and under passing than its track numbers indicate. People goggled at the. Hey, really small cars don't translate well in America. Then they demanded to know how much and where to send the check. Smart franchise, right now we'd be out shopping for an island instead of slaving over this word processor. The car is so distinctive, everyone notices. Luggage space is not exactly abundant in the Roadster but its not as bad as it seems. Recent News View More News Related Content All News Video. I suspect she was pleased to see someone doing something she had always dreamed. If everyone drove a smart car, wed make a massive shift towards smart sustainable living. Finally, plastic bodypanels also form the outer skin of the smart roadster. I had a week of being approached by dozens of people to ask about the car, from enthusiasts driving hotrods to one frail old lady who must have been Octagenarian or more she propped on her walking stick as I parked the car. The sense of frugality is not reflected in the incredibly impressive array of technology the pocket rocket packs. In Europe, Brabus. And who wants to be shaking hands with. We're talking.7 seconds to 60 mph and a quarter-mile.4 seconds at 76 mph, coincidentally almost exactly the same numbers as a Hummer H2's. Smart 's exposed Nike swoosh of silver structural side spars and its buxom Lotus Elise-like fenders. The Smart Roadster tackles this with technology and its stunning visuals. Smart really is the modern incarnation of the Austin-Healey bug-eye Sprite. Thats the first part. The use of so-called tailored blanks is a further reason for the extremely low total weight. The frugality can be measured at the pump an average 45mpg.22 litres per hundred kilometres over a week in which the car was driven in a spirited manner, and occasionally even faster than that. In traffic the low seat and roof height constantly remind the driver of the cars modest proportions and you are acutely aware of the larger cars around you, but they are equally aware of the Roadster. Their sturdy architecture means that the cabriolet shaking which occurs among this species, is unknown to the smart roadster, even on extremely rough roads.

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The tiny roadster can easily best 50mpg. Exhaust, after a little over 43, round town. Itapos, the average figures dont drop that much if you cant help putting the boot into the high performance engine. Handles superbly and is ansteckungsgefahr hiv blasen fun to chuck around corners.

Re: Smart Roadster, coupe The first time i drove the smart roadster i was so excited, compared to my previous car the mazda mx5 this was fantastic.For more information go to:.September 15, 2004 In the case of the smart Roadster, the word, smart is both a brand and an adjective.

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Itapos, the Smart is small, these words are being written by a female. Only 100 of these cars have sold in this country and quite clearly that still means that the vast majority of road users have not yet seen one. T pack much more than a few daydreams app for luggage. Donapos, s a shame because the 1851pound steelframe 000 people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Top stories Gallery. But it is a true sports car and Mercedes engineers have admirably achieved their goal in creating a modern interpretation of the classic roadster. With less weight to push around it can accelerate and decelerate very quickly. But could tell that this was very different.

Featured cars for sale, back to top.Smart factory in Hambach, France, none of the models, including the roadster, the glass fastback roadster coupe, and the gumdrop-shaped, smart, city, is sold in America.Bare bones sportscars they were simple Spartan vehicles a magnitude smaller than the small sports cars of today such as the Mazda MX5, MG TF and Toyota MR2.