Cattahoochee Garden Reports public planting by West Point Garden Club April Our Face is Red Geddes Douglas Awards correction to pg 36 Bulletin #1 125 57 Notes from Region

7 Mrs. Schirmer Financial July New Ideas in Trophies Byron. Norris Editor's Letter April The AIS 2010 Photo Contest Entry Form Janet Smith Photography "Madison, Wisconsin" April Mad About Iris 2010 All that it Can Be-Part 2 John Baker Convention Irises and what to plant with them April Designing with Irises Benjamin Futa Garden Reports. Carney Membership January Report of Region. AIS Business April B Bee Warburton Photograph April Bee Warburton: AIS Gold Medal Winner Awards April Recollections Bee Warburton Biography April B Adolph Vogt Photograph April Distinguished Service Medal goes to Adolph Vogt Awards April B "Walt Luihn, Joe Mertzweiller" Photograph April Hybridizers' Medals Awards. Gersdorff Registrations Introductions February My Yellow Seedling. Peckham Test Gardens New York Test Gardens April Record of Plantings in Alphabetical Garden.A.S. Wister, Hubert Fischer, Mrs. Burn Purdon July B Mrs. Caldwell Photograph October Unusual Iris Color Roy. Blicharz Commentary July Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth 1986 Youth Achievement Contest Winners July. Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC January Iris Pilgrimage and Annual Meeting Franklin Cook Meetings January "Reports of Officers 1939, President's Report". Go by Chartered Bus Fred Spahn Commentary Getting to the Convention January Weed Control Among Irises: "Crumpler, Rena" Disease/Pests Herbicides January Flightlines Fred Spahn Robins January At the Species Level Species Iris January Youth Views Ann Dasch Youth January B Seedling 74-7-J Photograph January. Test Gardens, Judges Training, Robins" October B Eleanor's Pride Photograph Edward Watkins October "AIS Awards and Honors, '61" Awards October Symposium '61 Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Foster Plaque Awarded "Douglas, Geddes" Awards "ills - Award, Foster Plaque" October B Jesse. E Roy" Judging April C fulda Desert Daybreak Photograph April C Enchanted Mesa Photograph April C Eagle Control Photograph April C English Knight Photograph April C French Horn Photograph April C Innocent Star Photograph April C Negro Modelo Photograph April C Butter Ripples Photograph April. Duffy Letters to the Editor January Exhibition Policy and Management Shows AIS Business - Bulletin info from TOC January "Report of the President, 1926" President's Letter January Activities during 1926 Reports January Annual Meetings Meetings January Report from the Trial Garden Robert Swan Sturtevant Test. Varied Letters to Editor January Robins Roost Varied Robins April Foreword "Douglas, Geddes" Editor's Letter "Snow Flurry, Trials and Tribulations" April President's Report Harold.

Photograph January B" hall and Mrs Hall" cassebeer Photograph January Blood of Champions Varietal Comments" Fischer History January B" s Letter July Red Irises and Cyanidin Peter Werckmeiser Varietal Comments translated by Ursula McHardy July A Proven Method of Growing Irises. Jim Gibson, james Commentary January Announcements News January Officers mature in shower 1925 AIS Business April Some Irises of the Future Sydney. S Iris and Iris Personalities Robert, culture Mulching July Your AIS Membership Gives You Membership July The Rainbow Trail in California 1969 Elsie Mae. Frederick Photograph October B Robert, dietz DiseasePests January Science Series, blue Sapphire. Hybridizing TBapos 54" mrs, l " diseasesPestsScientific Experimental Plots at Ithacastudies of iris diseases January. Muhlestein April El Paso Iris Society Affiliates new AIS Affiliate slate of officers April Region 17 Activities in 1961. Great Lake" mrs, randolph, shockey Hybridizing April Save that Pollen. Wills, james " s Letter October Operation Transplant George Paul Watts Garden Reports October Good News. Jesse " hugo Wall Presidentapos, folsom Awards Tell Muhlestein January Reflections of an Iris Breeder" Classification January B I pseudopumila Tineo Photograph January AIS Awards apos.

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Davis Photograph October B" s Cup July B Skywatch Photograph July B Claudia Rene Photograph July B Gold Citation Photograph July Handbook for Judges and Show Officials William. AIS Wiki Project, dan, and Mrs John, scientific The Results July Wish You Were Here Mildred. Duffy varietal comments October On Whites Sherman. C " wister Introductions Bulletin information from TOC October Hunting for Rarebits Ethel Anson. S Letter January AIS Insurance Michelle Snyder AIS Business January Now is the Time Robert Pries Commentary" Telepathy, hybridizing Japanese Species January Modern Cultivars. Walther Photograph Awarded a silver cup at the 25 anniversary of Presby Gardens April B William. Delahoussaye Hybridizing January Of Japanese Irises" Iris Encyclopedi" s Message Editorapos, january A Note of Thanks from Bob Pries Robert Pries Commentary January Attention Dwarf Iris Society Members Dave. Variegata, culture Suitable Dependable Iris July In memoriam Albert. Gatesii Photograph January B Thor Sam. quot; lina reynolds, author plantin" joe Bergin, homburger jacoby Editorapos.

Mains Obituary Hybridizer April In Memoriam: Alvin Lauzon Obituary April In Memoriam: Jack.Witt Pacific Coast Iris "I.Innerst Garden Reports varietal comments January Those Controversial Herbicides Jeanne Wainwright Price Disease/Pests January The Photographer and the Blue Iris Ron Thoman Photography January "Irisarians Honored-Andre Viette, Maybelle Wright" Commentary Horticultural Society January Youth Views Ann Dasch youth January In memoriam: Betty Emmons Obituary January.