29 August. "Froh!" is a magazine about society, every issue focuses on a broad topic, for example "harvest "light" or "luxury". Normal Ticket (EUR 100 are you normal?

The only thing you think about when you flip the pages is the clear cut vision it stands for. If you believe the reviews and eulogies, he must be some insane combination of pope and godfather or maybe Pelé and Pirlo, to stick with the right idiom. He works for industrial clients, agencies and independent magazines. Johannes Conrad pours the multi-layered observations into a mould, together with Michelle Philipps, the other half of the Yukiko design office. He brings along 25 years of experience in editorial design, with recent work ranging from creative direction of Fiera magazine to online publishing project Aeon via various consultancy roles including creative direction for Luxembourg's Maison Moderne. How much indie spirit remains? Abonnement kündigen, möchtest Du Dein Abonnement wirklich zum nächsten Fälligkeitszeitraum kündigen? Er ist Deutscher afghanisch-serbischer Herkunft. 15:00 Golden Hall Keynote: Indie Fairytale Philipp Köster is the editor-in-chief of Germany's most successful soccer magazine 11Freunde. That's also why she has several projects running on the side, for example freelance jobs for the snowboard magazine "pleasure". Sebastian Pranz and Klaus aids Neuburg go more for the broad approach with "Froh!". It's very simple: Indiecon is small and cosy and we only have 100 places. His subjects: what printed mags can learn from the Web and why they will never die. Ibrahim Nehme (The Outpost) All day Saloon Magazine Selection This year's Indiecon is about how independent publishing becomes sustainable and other very grown up and sober ideas. She is co-founder and publisher of "Missy Magazine and currently an editor at "Wired Germany". Inhalt, schon im Mutterleib waren Mel und Kevin zusammen. We are heartbroken, but there are only 100 seats at the conference venue. See her here: Panel, Golden Hall, Friday, 16:00 h Find her online: Neon / Nido, @nicolezepter Photo: Holger Homann 13:00 Entrance Hall / Saloon Snack-in Come in, come in! Steven's response (see above) is maybe one of the most unsettling ones we ever received.

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