can include the development and test of new countermeasures against static power analysis, the study of temperature effects on the static and dynamic power consumption in different technologies and

the improvement of the existing measurement setup. Zum Laden der Batterie). An interest in side-channel münchen analysis. Internally it configures all basic elements like LUTs, FFs, as well as the routing between them. The goal of this thesis is to investigate the size of the gap between cryptographic research and what is implemented in real world. Even if a kleptographic Trojan is discovered by analyzing the device, it is impossible to tell when information was leaked. Also, more and more digital features like GPS-positioning or intelligent flight modes are added to the feature set of drones to make them easier to fly. However most research in this area has been theory and no practical evaluation was done. Thus an effective countermeasure to prevent most attacks is to transform the program in a smart way to prevent reverse engineering. Hierzu implementieren Sie verschiedene Obfuskation-Schemata und beleuchten anschließend ihre Sicherheit, indem Sie versuchen Aussagen über das obfuskierte Design zu treffen.B. The sheer number of transistors and gates makes the reverse engineering impossible to execute manually. Everything ranging from IoT applications to cars and even medical devices gets hacked, often with catastrophic consequences to our modern society. In a second step, your tool (2) verifies the equivalence of the netlist and the bitstream. Als folge daraus generiert die Messung des Kanals bei alice und BOB eine Serie von Zufallszahlen, die sich stark ähnelt. Thus, it is crucial to keep effective countermeasures against side-channel attacks up-to-date and to generate new ones that fit the altered conditions. Obiges Szenario birgt die Gefahr, dass Mitarbeiter leistungsstarke, ständig mit dem Internet verbundene und mit vielfältigen Sensoren ausgestattete Geräte in sensible Firmenkontexte eingebringen. However, once a subliminal channel is discovered, everyone can read the transmitted data. Our group has recently built a sophisticated measurement setup for static power analysis and carried out several preliminary experiments with promising results. Depending on your background, it is possible to develop efficient and side-channel resistant implementations of schemes that are considered secure against attacks by quantum computers, as for example: Hash-based signatures Multivariate Quadratic (MQ) schemes Lattice-based cryptography Code-based schemes Possible target hardware are fpgas, graphics cards. We extend this attack to the routing structure to enable advanced attacks against RSA cores. Hardware Design Obfuskation: In dieser Arbeit sollen Sie die verschiedenen Hardware Design Obfuskationstechniken untersuchen. Physical Layer (PHY) Security is a rich area and a very interesting approach, which combines Coding Theory, Networking, Game Theory and Cryptography. As shown multiple times, when the undisclosed mechanisms are reverse-engineered or leak to the public, the implemented schemes turned out to be insecure with respect to their claimed security features. Die Ausgangssituation für unseren Angriff betrifft nahezu jeden, der sein Smartphone auf den Schreibtisch neben die Tastatur legt (z.B. Your goal is to implement automated techniques in state-of-the-art analysis tools, and evaluate its results for real-world embedded devices. Studierende, die noch keinen Kontakt zu einem unserer Mitarbeiter haben und sich von den unten stehenden Themen nicht angesprochen fühlen, haben darüber hinaus die Möglichkeit, an die. Enhanced Bitstream Fault Injection attacks (BiFI).

This thesis would be about precisely analyzing existing drone models or components regarding mentalität their security aspects. If this sounds interesting to you. Im Rahmen des bmbfProgramms ITSicherheitsforschung sucht der Lehrstuhl für Eingebettete Sicherheit ab sofort eine studentische Hilfskraft.

Bachelorarbeit stadtgeographie

In this thesis, in contrast, depending on the skill set of the student. The most prominent class of attacks that becomes important in such a setting is the sidechannel analysis. Manufacturers of securityrelevant partnersuche schwarzer mann devices sometimes tend to implement proprietary algorithms to create an additional layer of security or to save cost in terms of program size or performance. To this end, g Your task is to develop a tool which can 1 read out the bitstream and write a gatelevel netlist. This thesis might suit you, ohne dass EVE den Schlüssel ebenfalls erfährt.

Since Maghrebi.Euro ist das Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut in Berlin.Security Analysis of Drones (Masterarbeit - Bachelorarbeit background: Drones gain more and more popularity nowadays.