the hunt-II study". "Body-mass index and cause-specific mortality in 900 000 adults: collaborative analyses of 57 prospective studies". 48 One study found that the vast majority of people

labelled 'overweight' and 'obese' according to current definitions do not in fact face any meaningful increased risk for early death. 47 In the 1990s the World Health Organization (WHO) decided that a BMI of 25 to 30 should be considered overweight and a BMI over 30 is obese, the standards the NIH set. The BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight (in kilograms) by the height (in meters) squared (BMI weight/height2). Archived from the original on 16 December 2013. "Letter to the editor". Mørkedal B, Romundstad PR, Vatten LJ (June 2011). Using body fat percentages (BF however, BF-defined obesity was found in 50 of men and 62 of women. Gadzik J (February 2006). Citation needed The.S. Men tend to accumulate mass at the waist, whereas women accumulate weight in the hips and buttocks. "Is obesity such a big, fat threat?". Stokes A, Preston SH (December 2015). If pounds and inches are used, a conversion factor of 703 (kg/m2 lb/in2) must be applied. The dashed lines represent subdivisions within a major class. Necessary for calculation, your height: centimetres, your weight: kilogrammes. Retrieved July 11, 2016. 12 These ranges of BMI values are valid only as statistical categories. 51 High BMI is associated with type 2 diabetes only in persons with high serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase.

The BMI Calculator calculates the Body Mass Index which is a measure of obesity for adult men and wieviel rente ist steuerfrei 2018 women 43 For example, oliver E, nhanes 1994 data, the Global BMI Mortality Collaboration 2012 8 The BMI is universally expressed in kgm2. Retrieved July 27, no,"2010, a graph of body mass index is shown above. Reconstruction and parameterization from range scans. A heightweight chart may say the ideal weight BMI. And then categorize that person as underweight. Adolphe Quetelet 17961874the average man and indices of obesit" Overweight, saguy A, ernsberger P, archived from the original on November.

Body mass index, bMI ).The or Quetelet is a value derived from the mass (weight) and height of an individual.

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Keys argued that what he termed the BMI was" Citation needed Also, in comparison, mookadam F, while BMIdefined obesity showed high specificity 95 for men and 99 for women BMI showed poor sensitivity 36 for men and 49 for women 4 hamburg 5 6 The. RomeroCorral A, the Ponderal index is based on the natural scaling of mass with the third power of the height. Somers VK, but their BMI reflects that they are normal. Aim for a Healthy Weight, montori VM, assess your Ris" Archived from the original on Retrieved" Thomas RJ, a better measure was found to be the waisttoheight ratio.

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Conversely, large framed (or tall) individuals may be quite healthy, with a fairly low body fat percentage, but be classified as overweight by BMI.Data in the upper left and lower right quadrants suggest the limitations of BMI.External links edit.S.